GLO Lighting

GLO Lighting has been helping Bay Area clients make beautiful pictures since 1990. Whether you're a pro or a budding filmmaker, we have the experience and gear to light up your vision. Not sure what you need? Give us a call, we're always happy to talk shop!

Andy Olson headshot, GLO Lighting owner operator

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GLO Lighting has helped create -

Studio Lighting Design

RGBAW Led lighting in many forms - fresnels, tubes, pars, ribbon, bulbs, panels
all controlled with the touch of a finger on an iPad or a DMX control board.
Maxim Integrated, Silicon Valley Bank, Stanford GSB, Crossfit Studios.

Lighting & Gear Inventory

View our entire Lighting Inventory here

Full PDF of our lighting inventory.

At GLO we have a 2.5 ton grip truck and a 3/4 ton grip van

Full PDF of our gear list.

Great Crew Members

Whether you are the Director, Talent, DP or any crew member on the set, and the primary goal is to create effective and workable images, then the strategy in creating those images needs to be imbedded in the philosophy and technique and motivations of the crew.
Here are those crew members that can work toward your goals.